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Natural gardening is a movement that has existed for thirty-five years and for which there is still a growing interest. More and more people desire a natural environment in their front and backyard. This fits perfectly with the our mindset of today in which we would like to contribute to a better future. At the same time, due to ignorance about the matter, there is a fear to get started with this. Which plants are suitable for the garden? What are beautiful plant combinations? How do I achieve that playful effect and how do I take care of a natural garden?

In this book I take you into the wonderful world of plants and explain how valuable they are to you, me and all other life forms. I also discuss my way of thinking as a designer and give you the opportunity to get started in the garden yourself. I discuss various planting plans and planting techniques. In addition, the book contains filtered lists of strong and reliable flower bulbs, perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns and multi-stemmed trees. I hope to inspire both novice and advanced gardeners and other garden designers with this work.


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  • - 230 pages

    - Hard cover

    - 17,6 x 25 cm

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