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We are going to move!

It's time for the next step in our lives; we are moving to the countryside! With our hearts still in the southwest of the Netherlands, we decided to leave the city of Rotterdam and go back to our roots (almost then, we both come from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and are now moving to Walcheren). We were looking for a place where we have the space to further develop our passions (Bas also has his own company and runs the music label Chillhop music) and after a short search, we found the perfect place.

It was love at first sight when we first pulled into the driveway of our (we weren't sure at the time) future home. It is a triangular plot with a total area of ​​15000 m². On the left side of the plot there is a farmhouse that has not been renovated for the past 60 years, a small outbuilding and an old barn where the cows used to be. The rest of the plot is a meadow where the neighbour's cows are currently still grazing. At the end of the plot is a high dike with the Veerse Meer behind it. After our first visit, I immediately started working on the drawing, because this place really has it all. Here are our future plans:


It is a long-cherished dream of mine to have my own forest where I can follow the growth process. I think it would be very interesting to follow what goes right and wrong, without intervening. Because what does nature do when it can take its own course? We Dutch people always tend to help, but I believe that nature does not need our help at all and, given enough time, will always find its way to the right balance. This is one of the reasons why we fell in love right away, because now we have the space to make this happen! We will furnish 7000 m² (so almost half of the plot) as a forest. Exactly which trees we will plant will follow. In addition to a forest, we also want a lot of water on the plot, actually in combination with the forest. For example, a small strip of water runs through the forest that crosses the forest path twice and there is a large water hole of 700 m² that also disappears into the forest. In my opinion, water and forest are a super combination! In recent months they have also been busy redeveloping the area here in the Lage Bergse Bos and they have involved the existing water more in the forest. A simple idea with a great effect. It is suddenly a lot more exciting in terms of spaciousness and the experience of a walk. I definitely recommended having a look! Between the forest is an open meadow with slight slopes to make the whole look even more natural. We want to design this meadow as naturally as possible, with native flowers and grasses that are good for birds and other animals. There is a path through the meadow to the water and the dike. We hope that we can realize this part of the plot in October/November. The groundwork must be done first. Are you or do you know someone who is good with large cranes? Let me know! Once the groundwork is done we will plant between 6000 and 7000 trees. Wiieeeehhh so excited!


In order to make the chain as short as possible and therefore to carry out my designs more sustainably and consciously, I am going to open my own nursery where up to 25,000 plants can be grown. The plants will all be grown on a project basis (so no public nursery). These are the benefits: • My own favorite garden plants always in stock • The use of peat-free compost • 100% organic farming • An infinite life cycle for the plastic pots • Limiting transport, so emissions • Because breeding is done on a project basis, there will be no waste of WEI


The old cow barn will be the place where Bas will have his music studio and where the Chillhop artists can make their music. Furthermore, this will be the place where I can give master classes and lectures to anyone interested in natural gardening. I also think it would be very nice to invite classes of young children and give them a tour in the natural area. After all, they are our future and it is extremely important to inspire and educate them. We look forward to inviting everyone and sharing our passions with you! I hope that these two worlds of music and nature will influence each other in a beautiful way and that special encounters will take place on our lot.


Finally, we hope that it is possible to build a sustainable house that is completely intertwined with the surrounding garden. These are therefore also designed at the same time, instead of first the house and then the garden. An exciting process that I am very much looking forward to! So that's it, our future plans. It will all take a lot of time before they are realized, but I hope to be able to invite you to Zeeland in a year!

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